April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself


Gifts, giddiness and gratefulness


If you haven’t read my previous blog about birthday party craziness, it would be helpful to do so before you dive into this post. I left off with the transition from the cake-cutting chaos to the gift opening. My feelings about gift opening, though, start with my uneasiness about gifts in general. I’m sure most […]

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‘C’ is for cupcakes or cake pops or cake or CRAZY CHAOS

I remember the moment my daughter was born. It was exhilarating and a huge relief to finally see her and hold her after many months of praying for her conception and, of course, the months I spent carrying her. Those first hours, days and weeks were difficult, yet overwhelmingly tender. When I think back, I have to […]

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The 3-year-old turning point

For weeks, I’ve been pondering how much Elliot has changed in the past year. He turned 3 a week ago. Until the month leading up to his birthday, I was convinced that he hadn’t changed that much. He was still the high-energy kid he’d been since he turned 2. Yes, his vocabulary had increased, and […]


Woo woo, Elliot is 2!

Today is Elliot’s second birthday. While we did tell him “Happy Birthday!” today, we celebrated the occasion last weekend with a party at my parents’ house (AKA Mimi and Pap’s house to Elliot). As I mentioned in my previous blog, one of Elliot’s current favorite things is anything with wheels. He particularly enjoys firetrucks, ambulances […]

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