April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Son really is like father

My Elliot is a friendly little guy. He will say “Hi!” to anyone, especially when we are grocery shopping. He often says it so loudly and enthusiastically that he catches passers-by off guard in the aisles. Sometimes I think people are genuinely startled.

He does not get this from me. For some reason, I feel weird about saying hi to people I don’t know, but if they greet me first, I certainly return the gesture.

Elliot gets this characteristic from his dad. Not only does Mike say hi to people he’s never met, he often asks them how they’re doing. This used to throw me off. I would wonder, “Does he know this person?” Now, I understand, he’s just being friendly, and I don’t need to put my hand on my hip and wait for him to introduce me.

Another of his daddy’s traits that Elliot has inherited is his ingenuity. Mike possesses an innate quality to “figure things out” just by looking at them. Whether it’s installing a car seat, assembling a play kitchen or putting new wheels on rollerblades, it’s as if he instinctively knows what to do. If I were to attempt these tasks, I would pore over the directions, then agonize over the process. Odds are I would not be able to complete the project at hand. Mike, on the other hand, scoffs at the directions, but that’s OK because he doesn’t need them.

I have a feeling Elliot will be the same way. He insists on knowing how all his toys work. He actually enjoys taking them apart to understand all their intricacies.

Recently, while playing with a friend’s jack-in-the-box toy, he watched me crank the handle. After the character popped out of the box, I stuffed him back inside and closed the lid. Elliot observed the latch that keeps the lid closed. While I was doing the cranking, he reached down and released the latch, revealing the “jack” from the box. I was amazed at how quickly he figured out that the crank was really unnecessary!

Elliot blocks

Daddy’s boy evaluates his tunnel before allowing his trucks to go through.

Elliot’s current obsession is anything with wheels. He also begs to go through the Wheeling tunnel on any car trip we take. The other day, Mike built a ramp from a cardboard box and a tunnel from blocks. Before Elliot could play with these contraptions, though, he had to investigate them. After inspection, he released his cars from the ramp and watched them slide down and through the tunnel. He loved it!

Elliot tunnel

“Vroom, Vroom! Tunnel!”

And, when a toy is not working properly or if the batteries are dead, Elliot knows who to ask for help. “Daddy, fix it,” he says. I wonder who he gets this command from. OK, so maybe he’s a little like his mother too. But, I’ll save that for another blog.

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