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Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Woo woo, Elliot is 2!

Today is Elliot’s second birthday. While we did tell him “Happy Birthday!” today, we celebrated the occasion last weekend with a party at my parents’ house (AKA Mimi and Pap’s house to Elliot).

As I mentioned in my previous blog, one of Elliot’s current favorite things is anything with wheels. He particularly enjoys firetrucks, ambulances and police cars. So, it was an easy choice for a birthday party theme this year. I found firetruck invitations, plates, napkins, tablecloths and various other decorations.


The fabulous cupcake cake!

The best part, though, was the cake. Wal-Mart’s cupcake cakes, I think, are great, especially for children’s birthday parties. They are easily served because you can simply pull apart the cupcakes, thus there are no knives or serving utensils needed. Plus, they are really reasonably priced.

Anyway, the cake had a firetruck, ambulance, police car and an emergency helicopter atop the icing! Elliot loved his “happy cake.” Now, anytime he sees a cake, it’s a “happy cake,” even if it’s no one’s birthday. For example, we attended my cousin’s graduation party today, and the “Congratulations Eric!” dessert was a “happy cake” to Elliot.

After Elliot opened his presents at his party, anyone looking around the room could surely tell the gifts were for a boy. There were trucks, racecars, trains, construction vehicles and books. So many new adventures to create with these toys!

While I’m excited to have my treasured six weeks off from work this summer, I, like many, many mothers, lament at how the time slips by so quickly. Just two short years ago, I met my sweet baby boy. Now, he is making sentences and running laps around me (usually hunched over because he’s pushing a dump truck).

Elliot cake

“C’mon, Mom, can I eat this thing now?”

I am so blessed to have a healthy 2-year-old, but sometimes I reminisce about the days when he was a tiny baby and long for the times when I could just hold him for hours if I wanted to.

In addition to these yearnings, I find myself in a constant back and forth of wanting to spend more time with Elliot, so I can soak up his childhood as much as possible and having too little patience sometimes when I do have the opportunity to be home with him.

So whenever I get frustrated with something Elliot is doing, whether he is throwing himself on the floor as a protest to putting his shoes on or tossing his dinner on the floor for reasons I cannot understand, I try to remember these words of wisdom from my mom. “Enjoy them when they’re small because when they get bigger, their problems get bigger too.”

Now, if only could someone could tell me why time goes by more quickly the older I get. And, how about unlocking the secret to making it feel as though time were moving a little slower – wouldn’t that be nice? Can I get an “Amen!” from all the moms and dads out there?

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