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Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Celebrity scrutiny

Ever since the popularity of reality television, the notion of celebrity has changed. Primary example: Jon and Kate Gosselin. They officially announced their decision to separate, and the Today Show reported that Kate filed the divorce papers Monday.

Jon addressed the incredulous celebrity craze in Monday’s episode of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” when he pointed out that men and women are dying for their country while fighting in Iraq, yet so many Americans want to read about what he ate for lunch.

Yes, I have to admit it seems weird. It is weird. I, for one, don’t care what he eats for lunch or where Kate goes grocery shopping. But, why do so many people? Why does this sell magazines? These are just two ordinary people who agreed to have their lives taped and broadcast nationally.

The Oxford American College Dictionary defines celebrity as “the state of being well known.” Well, I suppose if that’s the official definition, then the Gosselins have certainly achieved celebrity status.

I admit, I watch their show regularly, and I have since it debuted on TLC. Despite Jon and Kate’s banter, I have actually learned a few things from the show, with one of the best being this advice from Kate: “An organized space equals an organized mind.” So true.

But, if I happened to see them at a restaurant or on one of many vacations they take for free, I don’t think I would bother them. I would just go about my business and let them go about theirs.

I encountered another example of celebrity today when I heard that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s surrogate delivered the couple’s twins at East Ohio Regional Hospital. The Martins Ferry facility, which is less than one mile from my house, is the same one where my Elliot was born, as were my niece and nephew and many friends’ babies. And,some reporters are naming the doctor who delivered the babies. You guessed it, that would be the same doctor who delivered my Elliot, my niece and nephew and many friends’ babies.

On one local television news broadcast, area people admitted they visited the hospital hoping to get a glimpse of SJP and take a picture of her on an iPhone. Seriously? I can’t help but think, “Get a life.”

Do I think it’s neat that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are in town? Sure, but I have no plans to try and sneak into the surrogate’s hospital room. Maybe it’s the same room where I delivered Elliot?

Perhaps I should see if any tabloids are interested in interviewing me about my experience at EORH, what the doctor was like, how the nurses treated me and what the food tasted like.

No, I think I’ll just go about my normal life and let celebrities be celebrities.

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