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Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Time freeze

I often selfishly wish that I can freeze time when I am with my Elliot.

I know I have lamented over this before, but he is already two years old! His babyhood is nearly gone. The only remainders are his crib and the diapers. I am not sure which one will be gone first although my preference would be to say so long to the diapers.

A few days ago my husband, my parents, Elliot and I looked through some old pictures that included shots of Elliot when he was a tiny baby. Whenever we stumbled upon one of those photos, it took everything in me to hold back tears.

The time when Elliot was a newborn was one of the most emotional periods of my life, and seeing his small face brings back all of those feelings – anxiety, nervousness and, most of all, overwhelming love.

On a recent evening as Elliot and I ate dinner, I just watched him and tried to soak up as much as I could about his voice, his mannerisms and even his behavior. He jibber-jabbered about his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and my salad.

“I want cheese!” he exclaimed when he noticed the shredded mozzarella atop my vegetables.

I put some on his plate, and he picked up a few pieces with his chubby fingers (OK, so maybe that’s another remainder of babyhood!) and stuffed them in his mouth, with a couple strands falling onto the floor. But, I didn’t care.

I couldn’t help but notice how big he looks, how much he is growing up before my eyes.

“Ah, if only I could just stop time for a little while,” I thought to myself. Then, the sound of a bowl being turned upside down snapped me out of my la-la land. Elliot purposely dumped all his strawberries out of the bowl and onto the table.

So, maybe this is not the right moment to freeze. At least the strawberries stayed on the table and did not fall to the floor!

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