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Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Savvy speech

It’s no secret that the disappearing act Elliot is doing with his babyhood is causing me some growing pains.

He is becoming quite the conversationalist. I relish his speech – the sound of his voice, the expressions on his face and the occasional gestures with his hands. Many people comment on how well Elliot speaks. I always say thank you to this compliment, but I have no frame of reference from which to judge his proficiency.

As if feeling the need to prove these comments true, my 2-year-old has recently begun saying certain words correctly after mispronouncing them for months. The examples that come to mind quickly are ketchup, which used to be “keputch,” and banana, formerly “nana.”

Another word Elliot now utters correctly most of the time is shorts. Words with the “sh” sound at the beginning were followed by an “L” sound, thus “shlorts” and “shlirt.” The first time my mom heard Elliot say “shlorts,” she literally almost fell out of her chair because she was laughing so hard.

These mishaps of the mouth are adorable, but the fact that they are becoming less in number reminds me that my Elliot is growing up so quickly. So, I’ll continue to enjoy hearing about “strawbabies” (strawberries), “backeyballs” (basketballs) and “forsies” (horses) while it’s still cute.

Part of the adventure of growing up involves giving up things that were once OK or encouraged. As I learned when I went to kindergarten, thumb sucking is not cute when a school-aged child does it!

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