April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Oh, the things Elliot says!

While trying to eat French fries, a rare treat at home, Elliot noticed how hot they were. He picked up one of the fries, held it close to his mouth and blew a puff of air. “I blow it up!” he said proudly.

Recently, during a visit to Elliot’s Pap’s house, Elliot noticed a picture of Mike and me from our wedding day. He looked at it for a few seconds. “Who’s in that picture?” I asked. “Mama so pretty,” he replied. Ah, I melted.

Elliot’s favorite singer (besides his mama) is Lady Gaga. We have music channels on our TV at home, so I often play music. When a song airs, pictures of the artist are displayed. For some reason, Elliot thinks Lady Gaga looks like a “birdie,” and I believe it’s his affinity toward animals that originally drew him to her.

Well, while perusing the On Demand options, my husband recently found a Lady Gaga music video for her song “Love Game.” In it, she dons a skimpy leotard under a jacket. Upon hearing the song, Elliot immediately recognized his “favorite girl” and exclaimed, “Lady Gaga!” Before I could utter the words, “Turn this off,” to Mike because I didn’t approve of Lady Gaga’s attire, Elliot said, “Lady Gaga’s getting dressed.” I piped up, “She needs to get dressed!”

I have been searching for a daycare facility for Elliot. After visiting one center that I particularly liked, I came home and asked my 2-year-old, “Would you like to go to school with other little kids?” He answered, “I go to school. See the girls.” Mike and I looked at each other and instantly started cracking up!

Elliot tunnel

“He’s in the tunnel!”

Elliot’s verbal skills have flourished in the past couple months. He is readily able to ask for things he wants although we’re still working on “please.” He often narrates what he and others around him are doing, usually mixing up his pronouns. “You dumped it out!” or “He has a ball!” are common exclamations when he flips over his basket of bath letters or picks up a favorite toy. Elliot observes everyone’s behaviors. “Mama’s eating a salad” and “Daddy’s mowing the grass” are frequent statements.

One of his cutest phrases is “need to, have to, want to, got to,” as in “I need to, have to, want to, got to have that dump truck.” I guess sometimes he yearns for a toy so much that he requires four verbs to explain it.

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