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Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Guess how much I miss you

As you read this, I am on a cruise with my husband, brother and sister-in-law. My Elliot as well as my niece and nephew are with my parents, “Mimi” and “Andy Pap.”

Prior to this, the longest I’ve been away from Elliot is four days. I thought that was tough! I can’t imagine six nights and seven days without seeing him. Two days before our departure, my husband arrived home from work with a book – a children’s book called “Guess How Much I Miss You.” At first glance, I didn’t realize that the book is a “Record-a-Story,” meaning it allows the parent or another loved one to record his or her voice so the child can read along even when Mommy and Daddy are away. And, what title could be more perfect than “Guess How Much I Miss You?”

I stowed the book in Elliot’s luggage and told my mom, “There’s a surprise for Elliot in his backpack.” The only downside was that I didn’t get to see his face when he opened the book and heard my voice reading to him. We read together every day and have done so since he was a tiny baby. He loves books, some of them so much that he memorizes all the words and “reads” by himself. It is so cute to hear him recite stories with the same inflection I use.

I don’t want Elliot to miss me so much while I’m gone that he does not enjoy his time with Mimi, Pap and his cousins, so I feel that the book is great way to let him know I miss him very much while still being uplifting. The words on the final two pages provide a great example: “I miss you every day that we’re apart, but I don’t feel too blue because I know that with each day, I’m one day closer to seeing you.”

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