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Preschool weather

My Elliot seems to be somewhat fascinated by the weather lately.

I think this has something to do with the weather report he and his classmates do during “circle time” at preschool. For any readers who don’t know what circle time means — it’s a brief period when the children sit on a rug around the teacher to talk about the calendar and weather. They might also count, sing the ABCs, review colors, sing a song or read a book. It varies depending on the children’s age group and the teacher, but I’ve found that Elliot’s circle times always include weather.

Whether in the car on the way to school, during the walk into the building or while playing in the yard, Elliot often has interesting and creative opinions about the weather.

On a recent morning, he asked, “Why is it so foggy?” I tried to explain: “Well, we live in a hilly area, so the fog sometimes gets stuck in the valleys.” His solution was to “get a giant fan and blow it all away.”

Today during our morning drive, however, the sky was cloudy. Elliot asked, “Why isn’t the sun out today?” I told him I didn’t know, to which he replied, “I know. The sun doesn’t feel like waking up yet.” I confessed to him that I usually don’t like waking up in the mornings and asked him, “Do you ever feel that way, like you’re just not ready to wake up yet?” He agreed we all have those days and decided it was OK if the sun was still sleeping.

On these summer days, Elliot seems to take after me. Neither of us particularly cares for really hot weather. On the way to the car after school, he complained in a very whiny voice, “It’s hot. I don’t like when it’s hot because I get all sweaty and ‘sausted.” I had to chuckle to myself and told him, “I totally understand, buddy. We’ll turn on the air conditioning in the car, so you don’t have to be sweaty and exhausted.”

Finally, who doesn’t love a colorful sunset? Elliot likes to name all the colors and discover shapes within the clouds. Tonight, he exclaimed, “Look at that beautiful sunset! I see yellow circles, and when it gets night, the whole sky will turn to purple.”

It’s nice to occasionally slow down and see the sky and all its weather from a preschooler’s perspective.

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