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Grey’s and motherhood

About three months ago, I wrote a blog about my relationship with “Grey’s Anatomy.” I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It is my favorite television show and one of the most well written shows ever.

Given the two-hour season premiere of Grey’s last week, I felt like this would be an appropriate time to follow up on my June 23 blog. I wrote that everyone-is-pregnant-but-me entry at an extremely low emotional point, complete with sad and often depressing thoughts about conception and fertility and the lack thereof.

After what happened with Cristina Yang during last week’s episode, I feel as though I have to write about it. To put it bluntly, the self-professed cardio-pulmonary goddess surgeon (OK – maybe she never described herself in those words, but would it surprise any fellow Grey’s fans if she did? I think not.) had an abortion. Despite her husband’s ill feelings about the procedure, he stood by her side and held her hand while a doctor performed the deed. Why did Owen finally come around and decide to support Cristina’s decision even though he disagreed with it? Two words – Meredith Grey.

My fictional “person,” Meredith told Owen that if Cristina had a child, “it would almost kill her.” You see, Meredith is the daughter of a genius surgeon who, according to Meredith, didn’t want her. She explained that she knows what it’s like to be the unwanted child of a surgeon and basically begged Owen, played by actor Kevin McKidd, not to allow Cristina to make her baby feel that way.

As a mother, I cannot comprehend this way of thinking.

To compound Meredith’s argument, she was the woman who tried and tried last season to get pregnant. I don’t want to repeat everything I wrote in the “Everyone But Me” blog, but Meredith’s crying elevator scene with Derek was one of the best, most honest moments in Grey’s history, I think. She was jealous of her co-worker for getting pregnant without trying. But, when the same thing happened to her best friend, she was able to justify an abortion. WHAT?!

Then, I read a TV Guide story about Cristina and Owen’s relationship. It mentions Meredith’s pitch to Owen.

To quote that story written by Natalie Abrams, “Though Meredith was the one to persuade Owen to give Cristina his blessing, so to speak, McKidd believes that will come to a head in coming episodes. ‘Meredith supports her because it’s her decision, in the same way that Owen supports her because it is her decision,’ he says. ‘I think Meredith is there for her, but what her true feelings are are going to come out later.’”

Well, I sure hope so! Meredith – who, at the end of last week’s episode, lost custody (hopefully only temporarily) of her adopted daughter after some erratic behavior – has to have some conflicting feelings about Cristina’s abortion and her decision to endorse it to Owen.

In fact, Meredith’s concluding narrative confirmed that point. “You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart; that will take your life and light it up or destroy it. Then you become a mother.”

Yep, being a mother changes everything. Maybe even who your best friend is, eh, Meredith?

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