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Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

A hockey game with my husband

While my husband enjoys watching most sports, he especially loves hockey. He is a serious fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, so much so that I believe his adoration of the Pens has surpassed that of the Steelers.

I, on the other hand, am not such a fan of hockey. After seeing Disney on Ice at Consol Energy Center March 2, however, I decided perhaps going to a Penguins game with my husband might not be so bad. After all, Consol Energy Center is a pretty cool place, and there is a Primanti Bros. inside the facility!

So, after Disney on Ice, I told Mike, “I think I might like to go to a hockey game.” While surprised, he was definitely up for it. Within a couple days, he had his sights set on a pair of tickets from a coworker who wouldn’t be using his season tickets March 27. After securing a babysitter for Elliot, I gave the OK.

Immediately after, I thought, “I’m going to a hockey game. I’m going to a hockey game?” I kept telling myself that it would be fun for the aforementioned two reasons (cool place, Primanti Bros.). Also, Mike and I knew the date night would probably be the last one we would have for a long time since I am pretty much a time bomb at 38 weeks pregnant. By the way, date nights are awesome. If you don’t do them every so often with your spouse, you should. They don’t have to be as expensive as a Penguins game.

By the end of the first period, I knew I had to write about my first NHL game experience. I spent the rest of the time taking mental notes. Mike has always described watching sports with me as a dichotomy; he finds some of my comments and observances interesting and funny, while my Elliot-esque questions can get annoying. I believe the same was true as we watched Tuesday’s game.

Below are my mental notes. (Please keep in mind that I am not really a hockey fan, and I have very little knowledge of the actual game and especially its rules. I attended for the experience and to have a date night with my husband.)

Hockey game

The view from our seats

  •  Our seats were amazing – 10 rows back from the ice. (Check out our view in the picture on the right.) During the first and third periods, we were behind the New York Islanders goalie; for the second period, Pens goalie Marc-André Fleury was right in front of us.
  •  Primanti Bros. was everything I remembered it to be. They even have Diet Dr. Pepper – bonus points.
  •  Seeing hockey in person is much better that watching it on TV. I never realized how annoying I find the television announcers to be. Also, my No. 1 complaint about hockey has always been that I have a difficult time following the puck. Interestingly and fortunately, this was not a problem at the game.
  •  Those hockey players are wicked fast. I mean, way faster than they look on TV.
  •  During some of the breaks in the action, a group of people known as the “Ice Crew” skates onto the ice. I’m pretty sure this happens during the TV commercials, so that is why I had never heard of them before. The crew consists of both men and women who use large snow shovels to scoop up the ice shavings from the rink. The ladies, however, wear midriff- and cleavage-baring tops. I found this odd.
  •  The line for the men’s bathroom is actually longer than the line for the women’s restroom.
  •  The goals are painted red. During the second period, I noticed that the bottom of Fleury’s No. 29, which is white fabric, on his jersey has a reddish tint to it. Many hours of rubbing against that goal, I guess.
  •  Hockey players are allowed to touch the puck with their hands.
  •  Icing will forever be an incomprehensible concept to me.
  •  I have always liked that hockey coaches dress in suits. Very classy. Contrast that to the Bill Belichick cut-off hoodie. (Yes, I realize that’s football, but those cut-off sleeves are just ridiculous.) Also, if you’ve ever watched pre-game hockey footage on TV, you may’ve seen that the players wear suits during their travels.

Consol Energy Center logo, left; New England Patriots’ logo, right

  •  Speaking of Belichick (random, I know!), the Consol Energy Center logo reminds me of the New England Patriots’ logo. (See the photo on the right to compare.) Can you tell I work in marketing?
  •  I was surprised by the number of young children we saw at the game. This made me miss Elliot and wish we could’ve brought him with us. During the very crowded moments, though, I was glad not to be worrying about him getting lost.

The Penguins lost 5-3, but Mike and I still had a fun time. I would even go again!

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