April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Changes and cheese cubes

So far, adding a child to our family has changed me in the following ways*:

  • I leave dirty dishes in the sink at night. Before Cecilia was born, if there was one chore I always did after putting Elliot to bed and before hitting the sack myself, it was cleaning up the kitchen. Because I am on maternity leave, I can do aforementioned dishes in the morning while Cecilia is napping. After I go back to work, however, this will not be an option. My kitchen is looking forward to the day Cecilia’s bedtime becomes regular. We might have a few weeks to go on that one.
  • I go places without makeup. This happened so rarely before I had two children, I cannot recall the last time it occurred before Cecilia.
  • My no-alarm-clock joy is gone. It used to be that when I went to bed on weekend nights, I loved that I didn’t have to set the alarm clock. Instead of rising at 6:30 a.m. for work, I would sleep until Elliot woke me around 7:30. Now, I go to bed every night without setting the alarm. And, it’s not because we never have places to be. We do. Up until a week ago, I still had to drop off Elliot at preschool, and we’ve had various doctor appointments. It’s that I can count on our new little family member to call on me anywhere between 5:30 and 6 a.m. I have a feeling that is going to be my wake-up time when I return to work next week.
  • My forgetfulness has reached a new level. I participate in a local CSA (community-supported agriculture), which provides us with 20 weeks of organic produce from an area farm. The first delivery was yesterday, and despite various reminder emails and my building excitement to devour these beautiful veggies, I forgot to pick up my goods!

* Disclaimer: These points are not meant to be complaints. They are simply observations. We are thrilled Cecilia is in our lives and do not consider taking care of her a burden.


And, now for some funnies from the Henry household.

Nicknames I have acquired since having Cecilia: Mams, Milk Factory and Iron Mam (My husband came up with that one after he saw “The Avengers.”).

You never know what Elliot is going to say when it comes to breastfeeding and his sister. Here are a few recent comments.

While holding Cecilia on the couch, “She smells like cheese cubes.”

While trying to comfort her as I got ready to nurse, “It’s OK, Baby. Mama’s getting her nipple out.”

While at a friend’s house for a picnic, I went inside to a quiet room to nurse Cecilia. It just happened to be empty, though that wasn’t a necessity. Elliot entered and asked, “Why are you in here? Because you don’t want anyone to see your nipple?”

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