April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Shopping is hard

A few Saturday mornings ago, I told my husband that I needed to go to the mall to return a few things I had bought the kids online because they didn’t fit. Later while I was trying to get the 2-year-old down for a nap, and Mike was getting ready to leave for work, he said, “Since you’re going to the mall anyway, will you please buy me a new dress shirt? I have a Very Important Meeting on Monday, so it’d be nice to have a new shirt that doesn’t have any stains.” (He works in a restaurant.)

“Um, OK, sure,” I said, picking up the screaming toddler and carrying her back to her bed. For the fourth time.

At this point in the conversation, Mike claims he said something about a white shirt. And he would wear it only for Very Important Meetings.

So the following afternoon, I went to the mall with my two, mall-hating children. I reminded myself, “Don’t leave here without a new dress shirt for Mike.” I walked into the men’s department with the mini shopping haters, and my brain squealed, “Ooooooo, colors!” And I proceeded to look at green and blue and pink and purple and orange dress shirts. I decided on a fabulous emerald one with a coordinating tie. I felt great about my purchases.

Monday morning, as Mike was getting ready for the Very Important Meeting, he said, “I thought I asked for a white dress shirt.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. Remember, I said I’d only wear it to meetings?”

“No, I don’t remember that. White is boring. Why would you want white?”

“I just thought it’d be nice to have a white shirt, instead of another bright color.”

Silence. Then, “Oh. Well, sorry.”

I am easily distracted by colors. Especially emerald green. Or any color that comes close to teal. Or any color that coordinates with teal.

I do not have a pretty bow to attach to the end of this post, you know, to wrap it up neatly. Except maybe this? Husbands, if your wife is distracted by colors – and by mall-hating children – lower your expectations when it comes to actually acquiring a white dress shirt. Or maybe do your own shopping.


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