April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Meet April

I am a writer. My writer name is April Leiffer Henry.

I love Jesus.

I am wife to husband Mike and mama to three living children and two babies lost to miscarriage.

I like eyebrow waxing, the color teal, pedicures, orcas, skiing, the Tour de France, red wine, folded potato chips, “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Legally Blonde,” AP Style, children’s books and Diet Dr. Pepper.

I dislike squeaky athletic shoes, spicy food, throwback uniforms, war movies, mushrooms, mixing Play-Doh colors, driving in the rain and the serial comma.

I have special skills for choosing the slowest moving line at the grocery store and losing my keys several times a day. Jokes make me nervous and anxious because I’m always afraid I won’t “get it,” and I promise I will cry if someone suggests that I create an Excel spreadsheet.

I also regularly campaign to end dreaded, senseless questions – such as “When are you going to start a family?” or “When are you going to have another baby?” or “Are you done having babies now?” – because they can be heartbreaking for women, like me, who have encountered fertility challenges and/or suffered miscarriage.

To learn more about me and this blog, see “About April Moments.”