April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Children’s books

Nothing is everything

At some point in my life, I learned that the 12 days of Christmas begin Dec. 25 and continue until Jan. 6. Therefore, it is appropriate to say “Merry Christmas” during that entire span. I shared this little bit of information with Elliot, and each morning, he has been updating me on which day of […]

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Buckets of grace

The newest book in Elliot’s collection is called “How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids.” Its premise is that all of us – adults and children, alike – have an invisible bucket over our heads. The story begins with the main character Felix dismissing his sister Anna when she asks to build a block tower […]

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When trouble brews in the henhouse

The last time I got my hair cut, my hairdresser came up with a brilliant idea. She shared that she thinks it would be beneficial for employers to host bring-your-spouse-to-work days. “My husband gets to take a long lunch break and can go to the bathroom anytime he wants,” she explained. “I would love for […]

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