April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself

Children’s books

Ditching black and white for gray

Something bad is happening in the world of mothering. Actually, it’s been happening for quite a while. Many writers in the blogosphere have addressed it. I have touched on it before. But, last night, while reading a children’s book to my son, I had a revelation about this disturbing phenomenon – this constant judging and guilt-mongering among […]

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A laugh-out-loud funny read

“Is she the lady who wrote this book?” Elliot asked, pointing to the inside flap of the book that came in the mail today. “No, that’s Dolly Parton,” I answered. “Who’s Dolly Parton?” was the next question, to which I replied, “She is a lady who started a program, so lots of kids like you […]


Guess how much I miss you

As you read this, I am on a cruise with my husband, brother and sister-in-law. My Elliot as well as my niece and nephew are with my parents, “Mimi” and “Andy Pap.” Prior to this, the longest I’ve been away from Elliot is four days. I thought that was tough! I can’t imagine six nights […]

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