April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself


Discovering what ‘my best’ means

Every year I have to force myself to refrain from playing Christmas music until the first of November. I love, love, love Christmas music. It is fun and cheesy and familiar, and something about it feels like home. Because I love it so much, I have many Christmas music CDs. I’ve ripped all the music […]

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Confessions of an introvert

Lately, I feel like everyone is trying to persuade me to join a group, go out for happy hour or attend a networking event. “It will be so fun to meet new people!” “You can share life together!” “Interact with others who are in the same place in life!” Well, no offense to these well-meaning […]

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Allow me to dish about dishes

Some people do yoga. Some people run. Me? I wash dishes. Even though I dread it every evening, I kind of look forward to it too. That’s why I liken it to exercise. It’s one of those things that no one really likes to do, but it has to be done. And once it’s over, […]

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A gold star and the letter ‘F’

You remember how in the “The kindergarten ship has sailed” blog, I mentioned that I like to ponder my thoughts in my heart before I write about them? Here is a perfect example of why. Written on Monday, March 11 Ever since becoming a second-time mama, as opposed to being the overwhelmed, first-time mama I […]

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