April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself


IF you plan a getaway specifically to attend Idina Menzel’s new Broadway show, THEN you might end up seeing her standby… and other thoughts about a whirlwind trip to New York

Bow Bridge

During the summer of 1997, I attended a week-long camp for high school students. Focusing on vocal music and technique, the program at Miami University of Ohio featured individual, small group and large group instruction. One of the classes during that week highlighted musical theater, a genre about which I knew little more than the […]

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Differences, details and gifts

An enlightening thing happened yesterday at work. During a departmental staff meeting, a bunch of us creative, marketing types were reviewing a booklet. While discussing abstract concepts like branding and identity, we threw out flowery words such as teamwork and connection and progression. One of my co-workers remarked on a particular section because it flaunted […]

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The whale in the tank

I am amid a generation of parents who question everything and make educated choices to reject a great deal of mainstream parenting. Many moms and dads today are forgoing cribs in favor of co-sleeping, trading in disposable diapers for cloth ones and swapping out public education for homeschooling. I am not writing this post to […]

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