April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself


I never could’ve known

Dear Cecilia, When I was a young girl, “Back to the Future” was a popular movie. In it, Doc Brown insists to Marty that having information about his future can be “extremely dangerous.” In fact, he says, “No one should know too much about their destiny.” (Forgive the incorrect grammar in that quote.) I have […]

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Do you hear the people sing?

Anyone who attended St. Clairsville High School circa 1995-1999 – particularly choir members or variety show-goers – probably remembers the barrage of music from one of the world’s most popular musicals, “Les Miserables.” While I don’t recall singing any “Les Mis” choral numbers, it was a tradition for soloists to perform during the breaks between […]

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A winning name (or not?)

People spell Elliot’s name wrong all the time. I don’t think it’s that difficult to spell correctly, but I chose the spelling. Of course, it’s easy for me. I have learned to automatically spell out Elliot when I give someone his name. “E-L-L-I-O-T. With one T.” The most common spelling mistake is to add a […]

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Mars doesn’t want this mom

A couple months ago, Elliot and I saw “Mars Needs Moms,” a Disney movie about two main characters – Milo and his mom. Part of the premise of the film was that the creatures on Mars scouted out Earth using fancy technology to look for the best moms. Milo’s mom is seen carrying through with […]

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