April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself


Daniel and dark chocolate

Before I left work yesterday, Mike and I planned to meet at the park so the kids could play. During the half-mile walk from my office to my car, I realized something. There was a piece of dark chocolate in my lunch bag. Oh, dark chocolate. I’ve always enjoyed a nice piece of dark chocolate. […]

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Playground heartache

The last time Elliot and I went to the playground, my heart broke a little. I have lamented in this forum before about my guilt regarding Elliot’s lack of a built-in playmate – a brother or a sister. This is especially true as he gets older. He wants someone else to play with; Mama and […]


The working mom conundrum

I do not like complaining, but forgive me while I complain. I cannot help but remember what my life was like last year at this time. Being that I was employed by a school system, I was off work — on my fabulous six-week summer break that I am so missing right now. Not having […]

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