April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself


My need-to-know policy

When Elliot first started attending day care at age 2 and a half, the teachers and director there liked to tell me every little thing he did wrong. He wouldn’t stay on his carpet square at circle time. He took his meat off his sandwich at lunch time. During nap time, he lifted his feet […]

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The sticker saga

If you don’t think the presence or absence of a measly sticker can make or break a 4-year-old’s day, you are wrong. Just ask my Elliot. A few weeks ago, Elliot’s preschool class began a sticker chart in preparation for a field trip to the bowling alley. To achieve the reward of the bowling trip, […]

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The worrying chain of events

As parents we tend to worry about lots of things. I worry that Elliot might have a bad day at preschool, that he might decide to hit a classmate or roll around on the floor rather than stay on his cot. I worry that he will fall off his chair at dinner time because he […]


Bad days gone good

Several weeks ago, Elliot had a few bad days at preschool. Actually, from my perspective, the new school year started out a little roughly. It took him a while to adapt to the new teachers, room and routine. This adjustment period was followed by a bout of aggressive behavior, during which the day care director […]


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