April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself


Why toddlers are teachers

Thanks to my work in the education field, I have met many, many wonderful teachers who treat their students similar to how they would their own children. When I was in school, there were several teachers who significantly influenced me, and I still remember much of what they taught me today. But, now that I […]

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Savvy speech

It’s no secret that the disappearing act Elliot is doing with his babyhood is causing me some growing pains. He is becoming quite the conversationalist. I relish his speech – the sound of his voice, the expressions on his face and the occasional gestures with his hands. Many people comment on how well Elliot speaks. […]


Sleep leads to sleep

When Elliot was an infant, I remember reading in “Baby 411,” co-authored by pediatrician Dr. Ari Brown, that putting a baby to sleep earlier rather than later would actually help him or her sleep longer. Sounds like the opposite of what it should be, right? If you want your infant to sleep in, common sense […]

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Time freeze

I often selfishly wish that I can freeze time when I am with my Elliot. I know I have lamented over this before, but he is already two years old! His babyhood is nearly gone. The only remainders are his crib and the diapers. I am not sure which one will be gone first although […]

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