April Moments

Maybe, just maybe, telling the story is just as important as the story itself


Really? I mean, REALLY?

Two stories on the Today Show caught my eye this week. The first headline, “Woman Implanted with Wrong Embryo to Give Birth,” involves an inconceivable mistake made by a fertility clinic. Carolyn Savage of Sylvania, Ohio, is carrying a baby that is the result of another couple’s embryo being transferred. Thankfully, Carolyn Savage and her […]


Celebrity scrutiny

Ever since the popularity of reality television, the notion of celebrity has changed. Primary example: Jon and Kate Gosselin. They officially announced their decision to separate, and the Today Show reported that Kate filed the divorce papers Monday. Jon addressed the incredulous celebrity craze in Monday’s episode of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” when he […]


Can guns really protect the average person?

The topic of gun violence has been in the news a lot lately. Just within the past couple weeks, two incidents – one very close to home in Pittsburgh and another in Binghampton, N.Y. – saw a total of 16 people dead after gunshots were fired. On Friday, I watched a 20/20 story titled “If […]

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